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I believe tattooing is the most personal and powerful art form, whereby self-expression and defining of an individual’s personality can be achieved extraordinarily in diverse and creative ways.  Tattoos have served as a highly significant form of art throughout the generations, dating back to the times of ancient Egypt, which witnessed dynasties of ritualistic practice in tattoo art, found on mummified remains years later. Tattoo art unites every individual with the autonomy to modify their bodies with exclusive pieces.

A unique feature of a tattoo is the gratification that it can provide for an individual. Whether a tattoo is purely a fashion statement, or representation of sentiment, it can hold meaning for a person in a most potent way, part of the major appeal for many.  To commit to a tattoo, is a fascinating idea to consider and an experience that many find inspirational and often highly addictive. The urge to have a piece of art permanently on you, is a thrill indescribable to those whom have never experienced the natural passion for it. The beauty of the tattoo world is that one can appreciate it, be confused by it, fascinated by it, devoted to it, practice it, be intimidated by it, yet regardless it always  has an undoubtedly powerful effect on people. 

When watching L A Ink today, I was, as always in awe of Kat Von D and her amazing talent and dedication to tattoo art, in which she is covered head to toe. Being a huge girl crush of mine, every time I see her I also want to be covered head to toe in tattoos, but obviously this is not realistic for me personally. I was once encouraged to be interested in tattooing, but now I can’t get enough, even without this influence. It is really an admirable industry and people who take it for granted and are ignorant to its beauty seriously lessen its worth.I loved getting my tattoo done, whilst at university. It is a really theraputic feeling. I love looking at other people’s tattoos and get really drawn to people with exquisite body art work. I am not saying they are for everyone, but I do appreciate those who are at least open-minded about it, as it really is an intriguing and rich culture. L A ink and Miami Ink always make me so shamelessly emotional and not just because I find Ami James so annoyingly attractive nor because of the green eyed monster;envy of the super hot and majorly talented Kat, but because there is so much more to tattoos than one can ever realise. Going to get another one soon. 

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