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Lost in London…

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I had a few hours to kill by myself in London and discovered for the first time Kingly Court of Carnaby Street. This may be old news to some of you, but I was so excited by the quirkiness of this discreet mall, tucked away in a cute corner of  Westminster. Instead of indulging in the standard stores that one thinks to visit when in one of the coolest capitals in the world ( although I had shamelessly wandered around Abercrombie earlier this day and visited physically Liam Gallagher’s store The Pretty Green) I took time to explore the unique boutiques of Kingly Court, of which a few in particular really took my fancy. It is for this diversity and creativity that I truly love London! A couple of hours by oneself without an awful lot of money to splash about could be considered boring, but to me it was extremely exciting…

This extremely cool stairway up to Converse  on Carnaby reads: ” First it played basketball and then rock and roll and then everything else. It went along with athletes and artists and experimenters, rebels, visionaries, and now even after everything it has been, it remains anything you want”  Even the high-street chains are presented beautifully and artistically in London…how could anybody ever run out of things to appreciate here and this is even before you start sight-seeing as we traditionally know it.

(Pretty Green)

Best name for a boutique award, goes to this shop right here, in the photo below: Fur Coat No Knickers. Tongue in cheek, but oh so chic…this place displayed some gorgeous couture, heavily lace and silk based, decadent, intricate and classy, well worth a visit for wedding pieces, or if you are daring enough you could find a one-off piece to add to your wardrobe…

 Marshmallow Mountain, so gloriously tacky on first glance, however there was some real treasures in this cute shop, including authentic leather satchels, decorative one-of- a-kind silk scarfs and pretty rings, of which I purchased two for friends, amongst other lovely finds…

Perhaps my favourite feature of Kingly Court was the glamorous and gothic, yet tasteful Black Pearl boutique, which sells vintage jewellery, accessories, lingerie and clothing… right up my street, will definitely be returning! I particularly enjoyed their necklace time pieces…

Kingly Court provides such a great selection of fashion possibilities all in one cosy little court-yard that is surprisingly quiet and secretive, despite the fabulous array of boutiques that it boasts and the hustle and bustle of the high street, directly outside. It is definitely not a shopping experience for the faint hearted, but extremely original and for those who enjoy bold self-expression. My biggest regret was not purchasing the paisley print cupcake cases that I came across in a shop called  Bird Cage , thus must go back asap, who wants to join me? This is why I LOVE LONDON.


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