Girl On A Train

A shady week…

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 at 2:19 am

This very moment in time, is what I would class as a very wishy-washy point in the seasonal switchover, whereby spring hasn’t sprung upon us just yet, in quite as bountiful a fashion as we would like and neither have the dreary, drizzly dregs of winter confirmed their leave. If it is hard to find excitement in anything at all right now, I do urge all damsels in distress to take a look at Topshop’s fabulous nail paint range, with so many unique shades you’ll be stood for hours, perplexed at which to choose, just like I am, many a lunch hour. Thus, may I make a small suggestion that you opt for my personal favourite colour du jour, which is cutely named ‘aeroplane’. It is not quite blue and not quite grey( just like the skies over England right now that keep teasing us with some sunny spells!), but a gorgeously rich, quirky and slightly exotic hue, whose nearest cousin I would call cobalt. It immediately adds a mystical and somewhat ornate, yet cool glamour to the most dowdy of paws, in a peculiarly understated way. I see this shade to be a big feature in the fashion world in weeks to come and as if its wonderful appearance alone isn’t enough, it is also a great transitional colour to take us seamlessly from the dark and cold months, to the brighter and warmer ones ahead. Not to mention that the funky name ‘aeroplane’ gives us a glimmer of hope, by encouraging us to look forward to  summer frolicking in  far away destinations. What is there not to admire about this modest little pot of joy I wonder? To topshop we go…




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