Girl On A Train

An amazing illusion was made, We tricked photography…

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 at 2:08 am

I am passionate about photography, especially of the fashion variety and have collected many cool examples over my time, from magazines and my internships at cool publications, however I came across the best photograph in the world in the most unexpected place…my grandparents living room.

When I discovered this photograph of my grandparents in their romantic early adulthood I was blown away. This image was featured on the front of a popular daily of the time. For me this holds much more celebrity status than anything else I have ever seen. It is so natural and genuine in an unbeatably classy way, I can only begin to tell you how in awe I am of my lovely grandparents here. When considering everything  they have endured in the past couple of years due to health, but  seeing how they are still very much in love, just as they were in this photograph,it really is inspirational and puts life into perspective.This photograph was taken in a dance hall and neither of them knew it was being taken. Both of them  are so elegant and glamorous at the same time. This is beauty and perfection at its very best.


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