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Wilma and Betty eat your hearts out…

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 at 2:30 am

My favourite hair of the moment is what I like to call ‘Cave Girl Hair’. Dare to walk on the wild side with me and sample shell-shockingly, bouncy waves and just as I have found, I’m sure it will become the love of a lifetime.

Cave girl inspired hair is sexy and glamorous, with it’s suggestive just rolled around in a bed effect. The most amazing factor of this hair style being, that it really is as effortless as rolling around in a bed! As if this didn’t capture our hearts enough, when this style gets rained on, or windswept it can actually work in our favour and this look often reaches its full potential when a day old… I’m sure this is the type of beauty maintenance that we could all get on board with…HURRAH! hair that finally makes sense to the tom-boy girls amongst us and surprisingly to the glamazons amongst us too…what an harmonious feeling indeed. 

Anyway, to nail this raw glamour with your tresses, first off I allow my hair to dry almost completely naturally, then I blast it with my hair dryer for a final five minutes, to add a burst of volume to the tousled locks. Make certain to not brush the hair straight whilst drying it, but do flip the head upside down and rapidly tease at the roots to achieve a rough, shaggy blow-dry. Next, clip your hair up and tong section, by small section, using either a large barrel curler or straightening irons, whichever you find easiest to manage, styling it into loose and imperfect, bountiful waves. When this step is finished scrunch the hair with a light texturizer (my favourite being ‘ Hard To Get’ from Bed Head by Tigi, as it controls frizz and firmly holds messy, sexy curls without making the hair appear greasy or over-styled, plus it is easy to apply and you only need a pinch, so it lasts…bonus!). To complete I lightly back comb the roots of my hair, focusing mostly on the crown so the waves are gently forced to fall forward around my face (to make this even more dramatic clip a few strands back with kirbys). Alternatively, depending on my mood, I back comb my roots at the hair line, so that my hair stays brushed back wards, for a different type of volume that is more daring.

 If you feel your curls have turned out too perfect, simply brush the hair extremely softly, from the tips upwards, to slightly seperate  and mess up the ringlets. If you do want the style to last longer than a day and you feel it is loosing life, twist it up into a tight bun on the top of your head for an hour or so, or even whilst you sleep and voila, there you have it… locks that are full of attitude and all woman. Hair that Beyonce and Shakira would be proud of. 

The messier this style is the better, keeping accompanying outfit and accessories to a minimum and your makeup light and fresh, with the focus on natural appearing blush, high on the cheek bones, for a really healthy and organic appearance. Godess-like if you will (teehee). Keep the whole ensemble clutter free to let the hair do all the talking.


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