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And the livin’ is easyyyy…

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 at 2:11 am

Right, so fair enough I have only ever been to one festival, this being the amazing Beach Break two years on the trot and really hoping for a triple whammy this year, however I think festival fashion is something to really enjoy and get excited about, especially for summer worshippers like myself. Sun equals happiness in my eyes. It encourages people to just have carless fun together and the long evenings are more suitable for the night owls and party people amongst us. With my favourite season being just around the corner, well slight exaggeration, but seeing it get ligther in the mornings has got me all hyped, we might aswell look forward to it. Festivals bring out the hippy in all of us and this is what I love about them and the fashion that is sported during such events in the warm months (or at least I can hope they will be!). It’s the fashion that suits me down to the ground, timeless and comfortable, with a cool rock and roll edge and the opportunity to add a splash of self-identity and sophistication that will never be forgotten. Even if you are not a hardcore festival attendee, I suggest you still take onboard the tricks of the attire, as it truly makes the best of summer looks. I have been prematurely, albeit shamlessly spotting many fabulous pieces that I plan to add to my summertime collection. A big contestant has to be the Matthew Williamson cross body chain bag. I adore this bag and as reluctant as I should be to spend £45 on a bag that is just big enough for my tub of cherry carmex at Beach Break this year, it really is so very tempting.  I can just see it in my head now, with a plain grey vest dress, some classic havaianas and quite possibly some ray-bans (although these might have to be fake as I can be ridiculously clumsy with expensive things!) and a tan to top it off!  Will keep you updated on my other fashion  finds that will enhnace your music and sun-loving moments this summer! In the meantime I will carry on dreaming about me raving, with a cute little leather accessory hanging over my shoulder…




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