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Armani love…

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 at 2:17 am

Giorgio Armani is renowned for his honourable humanitarion efforts and right now he has launched a truly admirable campaign with Green Cross International that I am sure everyone who has a heart feels strongly about. Each time a bottle of the Acqua di Gio  and Acqua di Gioia fragrances are purchased 100 litres of safe clean water will be donated to populations without such luxury on tap,  with the primary focus being on children. Helping lead the initiative is face of Armani, Megan Fox  who recently shared a link to the cause on facebook and for every one person that simply joins this movement another 10 litres of water will be donated. This is not the first time Armani has supported the Unicef Tap Water Project and I am so in awe of him and the way he is using his status and industry for the good of mankind. It truly is so  important to make the message loud and clear that it is unacceptable for any human being to be denied necessities of life, which we are all guilty of taking for granted. So what are you waiting for? Get spritizing with Armani’s gorgeous Acqua di Gio/ Gioia scent and feel a lot better for it…


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