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Eastern promise…

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 at 2:26 am

Kimomo inspired pieces are wholeheartedly gracing the runways and the high street with their spectacular presence right now.The glamourous geisha look can be easily over-done and  thus made to look somewhat mimicky. However, there are many ways at this moment in time to achieve that oriental charm with one-off pieces that when teamed with plain outfit counterparts can really boost your ensemble status. Eastern influence is really fun to work with and when done in the right way can be extremely flattering. Oriental style make- up works wonders, with small eyeliner flicks, long lashes and light, rosey lip and cheek tints, to acquire effortless radiance.

A favourite eastern influenced statement piece of mine is the embellished wide-sleeved shrug I purchased from Topshop, after having my eye on it for many weeks. It instantly glams up any plain black outfit and somehow encourages the rest of the look to fall into place.


As I think this is coming to the end of the line now, why not try one of the more bold kimono jackets, from Topshop again, including this one, which would instantly add a deliciously dark and alluring factor to your outfit…

(all image rights belong to Topshop)

The paisley and floral prints involved in the oriental theme makes the look feminine and flirty, but the delicate silk and mesh materials used to display them keep it sophisticated. It is a must to allow your wardrobe to take you on an eastern adventure this season and whilst some of the high-street and designer threads are a bit pricey, don’t overlook your older female relative’s closets or charity shops and vintage markets, which often boast some delightful eastern-influenced attire.


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