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Hell raising hair raising…

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I have always been a firm believer in big hair. When I say big, I mean huge…as massive and as dramatic, as it can possibly be. With dark colours and voluptuous textures taking over in the winter month’s party and day time looks, it is the perfect opportunity to show off those fairytale boufants. When looking at celebrities, past and present donning breath-taking hair do’s, there is instantly copius amounts of envy that hits you and then the disappointment dawns on you as you assume that you  shouldn’t,  couldn’t or wouldn’t even dare to attempt such complexed looking styles that seem very out of reach… literally… height is key for big hair. From the days of beautiful pin-up Bardot and pretty and petit Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, right through to Amy Winehouse and Cheryl Cole with her bouncy locks, bigger has never been better… the right now is all about thick and full hair looks to bring sexiness and sophistication to the simplest of outfits, or ooze glamour of an evening.  Guess adverts I have always admired for the way they wholeheartedly support the big hair phenomenon; one of the easiest fashion statements to make and yet in my eyes the most underrated. Bip Ling a mulit-talented young lady who has recently hit the scene big time for her involvement in the art and music industry, has one of the best heads of hair i’ve ever set my green eyes upon. It is thick, long and lucious and so naturally that way too. Nevertheless, as much as we all would love to have perfect hair, achieved just by waking up in the morning, this is not reality. Unfortunately the phrase ‘bed hair’ is quite misleading, as creating a bonnet with attitude does require a wee bit of effort. This months ASOS magazine included a feature on volumous hair styles for the current season, with some beautiful photography of some grand creations. I was inspired to play hairdressers like I was seven again, but instead of using one of those creepy dolls I called in my lovely cousin Sophia to be my model for the day…. hairspray and kirbys  galore!!! Have a look and witness what we discovered can be done easily on an every day basis and still look pretty damn classy if I do say so myself… each style only took ten minutes and some serious backcombing action. See! You can have big and beautiful catwalk hair in minutes if you really will it...  







(Magazine clipping at top of article extracted from ASOS magazine. Photographs Alana Leigh’s.)




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