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In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 at 2:28 am

If you have never been to Milgi in Cardiff, I dare say it is about time you did take a visit. Milgi is an amazing magical spot that once you enter, you won’t want to leave.





It functions as a cafe, lounge, bar, music venue and art gallery and just to add the sweet, sweet glacier cherry on top of this fantastic cake, it also regularly hosts vintage fashion fairs, which would lead to many of you  being in your element I am sure and also to many of you being a tad wary, as I once was…let me make up your mind for you… I recently picked up a cute leopard print number on my last trip to Milgi, which proved to be a lot more exciting than my usual trawl around town . In addition to this, with it being second-hand it meant I had made a beautiful purchase, without breaking the piggy bank. To hunt down the most exciting and original pieces that you can truly make your own, second-hand can really be the way forward, as a dear fellow friend and fashion-blogger has been trying to persuade me for quite some time.  The talent that must be rapidly obtained when shopping second-hand is knowing how to NOT end up looking like you just rummaged through the ottoman in your gran’s loft. The fabulous leopord print top that I came away with captures my walk on the wild side fashion attitude perfectly, but could have had the fatal potential to strike as slightly Pat Butcher-esque if worn the wrong way. However, teamed with leggings, killer heels and a cool blazer for a night out, or dressed down with an over-sized chunky knit cardigan and some pretty ballet pumps, this cute top becomes very current and much less albert square. The best bit is that it will be very rare that I will bump into someone in the same thing. How often is it that you can say that about a patterned piece that is on sale on the high-street?



It is all about having confidence and getting the right balance when donning old time attire.That said, I urge you all to… DARE TO GO VINTAGE.


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