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I hope everyone has had a wonderful christmas full with festive over -indulgence, like I have! Even though the christmas season is nearly over, there is an area that I believe one should never stop themselves over-indulging in…. sparkle. Yes sparkle is mostly associated with the tinsel on the christmas tree, but much more importantly stones that sparkle on your hands are more powerful and more timeless than any other fashion piece, with the ability to say so much, regardless of the size. Beautiful rings can transform an outfit, a mood and your style in a truly effortless manner. Bigger isn’t always better in my opinion, however a bold statement ring can provide joy like no other fashion piece. My favourite variety of knuckle duster are the ones that consist of dark, gothic undertones and whose colour is subtle, showing in the light, but almost black at first glance. Rings with a historical, classic feel about them are gorgeous and add depth and sophistication to the simplest of outfits, (even if it is your pyjamas!) and will continue to do so as issues of Vogue go to press throughout the years and even decades! It feels fabulous to wear a ring that sums up your  personality and shares with others discreetly, how it is you would like to perceived. A ring that compromises all of these features is one that I received from my group of best friends for my 21st birthday. It is quietly emerald, but almost blackest black at first glance and it has an antique looking frame around the rectangle stone. The overall look is deliciously dark and represents my personal favourite fashion traits well. I hardly ever remove this ring from pride of place on my hand. This is when you know you have found the piece that truly belongs to you. I have a few other pieces that on rare occasions join my emerald beauty, depending on the occasion and I believe posses the same qualities as above. I have also seen one or two featured in fashion edits lately that I see have great potential to be a statement ring. So regardless of the fact that the sparkly decorations will soon be put away until next christmas, there is nothing wrong with sparkling on throughout the year. This is an image that never dates. New years resolution: do invest in timeless jewels, the more vintage in appearance the better the investment, no matter what the cost is. The ambiguity  and understated nature of gothic jewellery does all the talking, consistently remaining in high-end fashion discussion, so the more you head in this direction the better in my opinion. However, simple silver and diamond can complement this movement towards adding sparkle to your life in just as fabulous a way. Why not combine the two, as seen on last month? In addition to my own favourite collection of rings, Italian Vogue’s accessory supplement  of autumn/winter 2010 provides great inspiration for finding your perfect hand piece. Get hunting!!!

 (Three images above: All rights belong to Vogue Accessory Italy)

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