Girl On A Train

Viva la Sixties…

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 at 2:14 am

I have always been passionate about the decade, where social taboos were temporarily laid to rest and people flying high as kites, protested their ways counter-culturally to world peace, with the uttermost flamboyance. What a beautiful thought, which confirms to me that I definitely belong firmly in the sixties era, rather than in the current uber-techno drone of  the 21st century. Everything that underpins the swinging sixities is fanciful, excessive and totally admirable, from Bob Dylan and The Kinks to the rise of feminism, anti-communism and the arrival of the female contraceptive pill and our very own Beatles in America, the sixties was truly a character to get on board with and be admired. There is no better way to achieve an understated flirtatious look than by returning to the sixties and taking inspiration from Mary Quant influenced behives, larger than life lashes, not to mention an attitude so carefree that it’s borderline selfish! Sixties fashion -forwardness really does run the roost in my floor-drobe. Big hair will never get old and a classic boufant should feature proudly in many an evening event to instantly exude cool glamour. Experiment with some dark eye make up and lashes that lift to the skies, a la Twiggy. Also, take inspiration from Factory Girl starring Sienna Miller, where there are some truely timeless looks, that will be sexy and beautiful time and time again, with a sophistication, only a sixties girl could wear. Smokey eye powders, liquid eyeliner flicks, cheryl cole’s faux eyelashes and five minutes of careful precision will have you a spell-blinding flutter immediately.


 With the eyes and hair being key feautres of the sixties chic vibe, think the bigger the better and even at times outrageously, which never hurts anybody from time to time.  Don’t forget to turn to the fabulous Breakfast at Tiffany’s for further  charming sixties influence. Think along the lines of black round shades that cover most of your face,  pearl and diamond overload and  a skinny silhouette black dress and there you have it Holly Golightly, eat your heart out.


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