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Crush of the month…

In Uncategorized on August 1, 2011 at 4:01 pm

Elle , one of my all time top publications, was particularly stunning this July, as not only did it have ultimate beaut Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as it’s cover girl, but the fashion shoots inside were utterly fabulous. My personal favourite was the work of photographer Lee Broomfield, who captured a totally gorgeous representation of this autumn’s splash of eccentricity, which we are eagerly awaiting.

There isn’t anything about this ensemble that I don’t love. The model’s hair is styled exactly like the dream bonnet in my little mind…very much enjoying the dark roots with caramel highlights and the long, lucious bed-head effect for that unbeatable, underdone touch. The sunglasses are wonderful and daring, proposing the excitement that autumn trends will hold. With these and the hypnotic floral print trousers, it gives us brilliant brainwaves for ideal transitional ensembles, to carry us smoothly from the end of the summer,  into autumn. The tan jacket and nail polish compliment the hair tones well and also help to move this look along into next season.  Tan is such a positive outfit component, when jazzed up in just the right way.  Cousins of the floral Cavalli pant shown above, are of course already filtering down into the highstreet full-throtle, often in legging form. Topshop as per usual hit the nail on the head and stock some amazing prints that could help you achieve this image, with it’s adorable sixties undertones. To experiment, try aztec print trousers, close relation of the tube bodycon dress, which I featured  in a slightly earlier post, or alternatively go for classic animal print… firm favourite of mine and always a winner, however don’t forget the plain block colour piece in the middle to break it all up and avoid overwhelming onlookers. Not forgetting also that  it will be well worth checking out charity and vintage shops, for crazy eyewear and fitted patterned pants. Let’s see what we can find…  Ahhh I’m in love!


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