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The day the tiger came to tea…

In Uncategorized on August 1, 2011 at 12:02 pm

This is especially  for all you fellow Starbucks addicts out there like me, who have formed a rather unhealthy habit with the pricey yet constantly tempting coffee chain. One month this year, my bank statement read like an A to Z  directory of places to locate Starbucks in the south of England. No word of a lie, almost every other outgoing transaction was funding an expensive and totally unnecessary caffinated treat, not only destroying my wages, but also forming a tiny indulgent addiction, where I believed nothing but a commercial coffee would help me function.  Recently when I was interning at a PR office in London, a woman on the same desk as me swore by herbal tea  and I have been inspired ever since to find out what all the hype was about. Herbal tea is not a particularly new concept in the slightest, however I had always snubbed the idea of a hot herby drink, favouring the more sugary and deceivingly energy boosting (for one hour at the most) mocha frappacinos and syrup laden lattes . Having begun sampling herbal teas, I now realise they are one of the best tipples ever and revitalise you for a whole day. A box of twenty herbal tea bags costs the same amount as one coffee from Starbucks and each tasty flavour flaunts a health benefit, which in turn steadily improves well-being. Two of my favourite flavours so far are both from the Twinings collection, Pure Peppermint and Calm ( camomile, rooibos, lavender and cocoa beans).

The Pure Peppermint is refreshing and helps settle your digestive system, very important for people like myself, who are always on the go. I have often been known to have one before a night out, as grandma-esque as that might sound, but it really does banish the bloat in quick preparation for tight dresses and what not, an absolute life-saver that is very accessible and very cheap, but does a world of good. The Calm flavour is pretty self-explanatory and eliminates stress, even when you are feeling most under pressure. Lets face it, being rid of stress and anxiety is never a bad thing and the calming elements in this drink, such as camomile really put you at ease very rapidly,  helping you to face daily challenges with a lot more control. A stress free face is also a beautiful one.

These days not only am I saving a fair amount money wise, I am also feeling great. That is not to say that a Starbucks every now and then is totally out of the question, but now we just have a much more balanced and rewarding relationship!  So whose for tea?


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