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In Uncategorized on August 3, 2011 at 11:47 pm

Yesterday, in true geek-chic fashion, I was in my element sampling the brand new HP TouchPad.  This handsome new piece of technology first blows me away with its appearance, in a stunning all-over black gloss. The panoramic screen runs seamlessly into the frame, resembling an infinity pool, as it boasts that same look of affluence and the impressive flowing edges. Although I am at first scared to touch this beaut of a specimen, due to  its gleaming exterior, the HP tablet is deceivingly sturdy for such a good-looking, sleek model.

The HP TouchPad, provides an unbeatably convenient computing experience, enabling you to integrate all email, browsing and social networking facilities. Also, the TouchPad can utilise the internet connection from smartphones, or standard Wi-Fi  to hook-up to the worldwide web and as if that isn’t enough to wow us, there is the brightness feature that automatically adjusts, according to the natural light available at the time  …  What more could one ask for?

The best feature of the HP TouchPad in my eyes, which sets it apart from the Apple iPad, is the unique operating system, whereby one can have multiple applications running at the same time, all of which are smartly organised like a virtual stack of cards, so when switching between different windows, you can simply flick the current one to the side to find the next one required. Furthermore, to completely close down an application, you simply flick the said card towards the top of the screen and hey presto it’s out of your way. The touch screen has just the right amount of sensitivity, meaning that brushing icons accidentally is rarely a problem, as you have to apply a little pressure to actually activate an app. In addition, this cool new piece further helps to prevent multi-tasking from being such a chore, as it organises all notifications in a tidy little row located in the right hand corner, which can be popped-up neatly as and when you require a glance, without any need to exit your current activity, or open a whole new screen…perfect for the busy blogger some may say. 

The HP TouchPad is available from £399 (16GB) and there is an extensive collection of up to 4000 applications to download for the unique tablet so far, including many all time favourites, such as Angry Birds and more. Similar to when I see a dapper gentleman dressed up in a good suit, this sexy, new technological piece will do it for you everytime…



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