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V is for Victory…

In Uncategorized on August 9, 2011 at 10:12 pm

This autumn men’s fashion is taking an unexpected, yet inspiring turn with 1940’s-1950’s influences returning to the catwalk and  filtering steadily onto the high street. Topman announced at the beginning of this month that they would be embracing the return of  frivilous fashion, from the post-war era and of course others will be following suit, as I can already confirm is well underway.

Despite the fact that history appears to be repeating itself here, this is 1940’s  haute couture in a whole new light, with an increased cheeky element that is simply adorable.The concept of approaching this trend is one that many may find a little daunting, what with the bold statements involved, however in my eyes this is definitely a great opportunity to create a uniquely distinguished look. 

Features of the look include tartan plaid, cartoon tees and structured jackets, not forgetting the patterned polos and knitwear that blow the christmas jumpers that your grandmother makes you, totally out of the water. Ensembles comprimising such pieces are easily made current and understated, with a few tiny tweaks. This can be achieved by wearing neutral coloured trousers, to play down brave pieces and prevent outfits from feeling too daring.  For a fun touch one can add a quirky, swing-style accessory, such as a classic dicky bow, or dapper bowler hat, creating a mischevious and retro image that I love. My favourite of the 1940’s post-war trends, hitting the highstreet right now has to be the chunky knit, which looks simply gorgeous on both burly men and pretty boys too. So come on then gents, give it a go…




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