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Everybody has that one materialistic item, which they shamlessly can’t live without.  You know that one thing, which makes you feel complete and if you forget it, you feel like you have a limb missing. As dramatic as it sounds, we are all familiar with what I am talking about…the accessory, the piece of clothing, the hairstyle, the favourite scent, or even a range of all of these things that instantly allow you to turn your very own swag on.  The thing I can rarely be without these days, is a pair of statement hoop earrings. I have formed an exciting obsession with them and can’t seem to allow myself to leave the house without my hooped treasures, whether it be a daytime, or evening occassion. It is getting to the point where I almost feel guilty if I leave my hoops behind, when off for a night out, as if in the back of my mind I feel like I am missing out on a much better time, if I were to be donning my swingy, circular beauties. This is however, a very harmless obsession that is a totally fun one to acquire, due to the extensive array of fabulous hoops, available to indulge in right now, as I have discovered and my collection is steadily growing…

The hoop should be worn with just the right amount of attitude and confidence, but also class and dignity, in order to avoid exercising a bad, Esmeralda impression. Thus, try not to have any other overly-loud pieces, within your ensemble, when wearing big earrings. Hoop earrings open up a huge window of potential, for experimenting with elegant up- do’s, nevertheless if you prefer to keep some of your tresses down, to swing around on the dancefloor, opt for my personal favourite, the lady-like half-up, half-down boufant, which showcases your decorative ear wear beautifully, in a discreet fashion.

Hoops instantly make you feel glamorous and sexy, yet feminine and sophisticated, all at the same time. For those ladies out there just like me, whom of which constantly suffer from post-holiday blues, I kid you not, hoops will bring an exotic sunshine feel to your outfit and mood, allowing you to resemble that post- basking glow that you experience on balmy, party nights on the beach. Hoops boost your radiance better than any other accessory, when acompanied with a little bronzer dusted along the cheekbones, for a really healthy complexion, achieved in seconds.

My most famous pair of hoops, so far that I am rarely caught without of a party, night time, would be my skinny, twisted, gold-coloured hoops from Topshop (also available in Miss Selfridge). These beauts are rather large, measuring at an impressive three and half inches in diameter, meaning they are a slightly daring wear, but provide a totally exhilirating experience, attracting all of the right attention.  Remember, the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about and believe me, these earrings are a great icebreaker!  Two new pairs of hoops that I recently picked up on Oxford Street, at hyped about store Forever 21, are wonderful additions to my jewellery box. One pair being a much less offensive size than my regulars, in a shiny silver colour, with slight angular edges and the second pair are thick, in a light gold shade, with pretty flower prints embossed on the metal.  The silver pair are perfect for adding a bit of interest and senorita-chic (think Jennifer Lopez!) to day time attire, as I have already discovered, however the Amy Winehouse-esque (in loving memory) chunky, patterned pair are still awaiting their debut and I am looking forward to it. I recently encouraged a good friend of mine to join me in wearing some wow-factor hoops, for a night on the tiles and it took this one-evening trial to well and truly win her over.

I took a few photographs to illustrate the images I am describing, but seriously, I advise you to go wild and sample some seductive hoops. Trust me you will never look back, or at the very least, you will have a hard time trying to…

Topshop/Miss Selfridge…

Forever 21…


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