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Crush of the month (part deux)…

In Uncategorized on September 9, 2011 at 12:38 am

August’s edition of Harper’s Bazaar was truly amazing, the sexiest publication on the magazine stand by far, boasting stunning Beyonce as it’s cover girl and fit to burst, with some of the most glamorous content I have seen this year. Harper’s Bazaar is the title that knows how to compile a range of sultry looks, whilst still remaining completely dignified, like no other. My favourite ad in the issue was a beautiful Chanel double page spread …

The alluring eccentric silver locks and futuristic make-up comprising of neon eyebrows, over-sized feline eyeliner flicks and metallic talons, clash fabulously with the conservative skirt and overcoat, to create a phenomenal collision. The gorgeous and delicate floral decoration in the hair, brings an irresistibly girly touch to this look.  As if I am not already head over heels enough for this intricately composed shoot, the sensual hoisery and elegant white button-up shirt are just too much for me to handle, as I turn into a shamlessly envious monster. White shirts should be a major fashion focus from autumn through to winter, including intriguing victorian styles that are just wonderful to work with and very versatile.

I haven’t had a fashion arrangement take my breath away quite the way this one has for a while,  as it  intelligently captures an exquisite, mellow femme-fatale attitude that I have never seen before, but very much admire. This designer creation  is ravishing, seductive and somewhat enchanting all at once, which is a difficult thing to achieve…nobody does it quite like Chanel does.

If this doesn’t get you dangerously over-excited about 2011 winter wardrobe potential, I don’t know what will…


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