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I don’t need to try to control you, look into my eyes and I’ll own you…

In Uncategorized on September 27, 2011 at 10:32 pm

I found myself in a very exciting position last week, whereby I fell head over heels for some boots that I honestly could not imagine my daily existence being worthwhile without and thus had to indulge in making them my very own, whether I deserved it, or not!  Materialistic as this sounds, it is rare I get attached so quickly to something, or someone for that matter,  due to being very particular,  so when I acknowledge a garment with such a huge amount of passion, I know for sure that it is a true love that will last a lifetime…or at least this season.

Working closely to girly heaven Shoe Boudoir, I found my brand spanking new eye candy, in a stunning pair of Miss KG lace-up platform boots, going by the name of “Ferris”. “Ferris” are seductive, if not wonderfully a tad ris·qué in appearance, however this is complimented and kept socially acceptable with some lovely design architecture, bringing together what I would call a fashionista’s dream. Tottering around in a pair of shoes has never felt as divine as it did when I slipped these beauts on nonchalantly  last Saturday…unaware of the amazing investment I was going to make in them later that day.These glorious creations provide the perfect escapism one should feel when discovering a statement to explore for the coming season. “Ferris” alleviate my skepticalism of bracing harsh elements during autumn nights out,  by simply making the potential glamorous possibilities, for the more bitter evening wardrobe overflow in my mind…

The sheer height of this amazing shoe boot and the verging on dominatrix attitude it bodes in a sharp and exclusive fashion, makes this the most fun type of footwear and overall style to play with this season.  These boots are daring enough to keep looks energetic, throughout the more dreary time of year, which is an uplifting notion for all of us whom of which are living in denial about summer being well and truly done and dusted, hence still wanting to keep things upbeat and vivacious.  ” Ferris” when teamed with a soft lady-like top half, such as a sheer brightly colored blouse, or even a cutesy shift dress,  will create a striking ensemble that can be refreshed time and time again and will carry just the right amount of shock factor, for each individual outing. My favourite aspect of “Ferris”, is the way in which it compromises the dichotomy of bewitching femininity and a playful tomboy, rockabilly quality, definitely key factors to consider this fall. They are available in either my choice of classic classy noir, or in a lighter dusky grey tone. Either are enjoyable to work with!

These alluring platform treasures  with the potential to reak havoc, were definitely exhilirating for me to exhibit for the first time, giving me a great posture and a devilish sense of pride. I feel very strongly that these shoes will need to be shown off atleast once a weekend, thus until next Saturday night’s soiree, I will lay my precious pair to rest peacefully in their box. I’m counting down the days…


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