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Dead weather…

In Uncategorized on October 4, 2011 at 5:55 pm

When in the warm and cosy frame of mind, I must admitt I find it challenging to even imagine throwing glamour into the mix. Whilst we are vastly approaching the cooler months, I find myself naturally exploring ideas that will inspire me to have  just as much fun dressing in winter, as I do when experimenting with flirty, summer daytime clobber. Impossible some may think, nevertheless whilst mooching around the highstreet recently a few things have caught my eye and heightened my enthusiasm somewhat, towards approaching casual wintery wardrobe options.

A gorgeous knit I have stumbled across in Next  (often a very dark horse that should never be ignored during a humble shopping trip) is adorable with its feminine peachy,cream tones and admirably plays around with upcoming festive trends, boasting some delightful sequin stripes and quirky elbow pads, adding just the right amount of glitz to this piece, as it is still very classy and flattering. This would be a very reliable choice that could be worn effortlessly with  classic black leggings, or jeans and look totally charming everytime.  Sequins can really illuminate an outfit with a great deal of integrity, when done in the correct way, as it is in this instance. This leads me to think of many more ideas around how I can add a bit of sparkle in a dignified manner to my looks this season…

Alternatively,  I tempt you to venture over to the darker side as I did, when I recently purchased a beautiful plain grey off -the-shoulder knit from always sought after store, Forever 21

No sequins present here, but the beautifully grungey shade of grey and loose fitting shape  make the jumper mature and sexy, in an understated way and it hangs in all the right places…simple yet satisfying.  Being so plain, this piece can be teamed with some heavy metal jewellery to create a beautifully composed look with minimum effort, perfect for those slouchy nights in that many of us will be frequenting more and more at this time of year. To make plain knits more exciting still, a pretty lacy top poking out a tad will slightly tease onlookers and make the ensemble more alluring. I love how this style works so harmoniously with a little intricate, gothic detail.

In conclusion…let us not allow casual comfort to be frumpy, but lucious and exquisite… hurrahhh!!


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