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Month Loves…

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My cover lover of the month award this time round goes to Florence Welch on the front of January 2012 Vogue. A stunning woman who encapsulates the things I adore, in terms of fashion, music, attitude and much more. I think she is untouchable and somewhat out of this world, which is what makes her so unique and quite frankly amazing.

(all rights belong to Vogue)

Another love of the month, has to be my BARGAIN basement, killer wedge beauties. A slight twist on my Miss KG by Kurt Geiger monster wedge booties that go by the name of Ferris and were featured in Gladrags and Handbags not too long ago, these differ as they are slightly more socially acceptable in height and throw some leather-look material and zips into the mix for a quite charming collaboration,  found in H&M. I can’t even bring myself to tell you how much of a bargain they actually were because it is offensive. Put it this way, I am a very happy girl.

(all rights belong to H&M)

I have also come to the utterly obvious conclusion that I have a wedged black boot fetish….this being my third pair now that I have featured on my blog. I guess if you know you love a certain item… turn it into a collectable. And why the hell not?  NYE here we come…


Birds of a feather flock together…

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Feathers are one of the most delectable and intriguing materials available to us in the world of fashion. There is no other textile that embodies the presence that a feather, or multiple feathers can in an ensemble, where they tend to intelligently and powerfuly exude class and femme fatale all at once.  Feathers make intricate detail, yet a sharp impression conveying a light implication of wildness mixed with just the right amount of vulnerability in the form of rareity. A person who wears feathers as part of an ensemble can rely on them to display their inner most prowess and delicacy together, in a rather harmonious manner.

With my fashionable past tredding somewhat tenderly in gothic territory, I am going to be biased and suggest that nothing quite captures such an alluring image as do black feathers in particular, which clash feminine frailty and an air of dangereux in a totally timeless way.  The unspoken beauty of black feathers being that the statement can be made as bold, or as discreet as you desire. From earring to boa, it is up to the individual to compose a truly unique look and have full control over the level of effectiveness they want to create.

Ever since the gorgeous Natalie Portman starred quite brilliantly in breathtaking film Black Swan, I do believe admirers of the fashion it has influenced feel they must stick to the rules by wearing feathers, only with a ballet attitude and grace. This can of course be delightful, however there is a lot more to these fabulous things called feathers. We have a lot to thank our winged friends of the skies for, without them our inspiration would be terribly lacklustre where clothing experimentation is concerned.

My love for black feathers has grown from a few items that I already own. My favourite of the moment being, a deliciously dark and ornate pair of black feather drop earrings from River Island. I love to wear these by day, with a boyish fit t-shirt for an edgy, contrasting style. On the contrary, they are perfect for dressing up a pretty  LBD of an evening. They simply scream sophisitication, with minimum effort required. I have even invested in two pairs of these beauties, because I enjoy them so much. Now I never have to panic about wearing them through fear of damaging, or loosing one.

Another item that I have owned for some time now and still really love, is a dress from the Rare range that is a simple long cotton fitted t-shirt, made fantastic with glam black feather shoulder pads. This is an extremely fun piece that can be made lady-like with girly tights and courts, or made daring by tucking it into some risque high-waisted shorts and partnering with sexy monster heels.

Now if you are really wanting to embrace featherlicious looks, why not take it totally Moulin Rouge and invest in a statement corset, decorated with a feather trim. This can be used for a range of occassions, so it is definitely worth spending some quality time when choosing it. You want to ensure that you and your basque can be centre stage time after time, both inside the house and on the dancefloor, or even with jeans at casual drinks. Oh la la. You can pick up some amazing customised pieces online, which you should always bare in mind if you want to be really original.

The last feather piece I will bring your attention to is this stunning little clutch I hunted down in Next that brings feathers and sequins together…genius?… I think so!  This hand bag is beautifully glitzy, yet tasteful and will dramatically lift casual gig and pub attire, or compliment partying outfits perfectly.

I perhaps wouldn’t suggest mixing many various feathered items all at the same time, but for goodness sake please don’t shy away from the idea completely, as they are such frivilous and fancy things to experiment with you would be mad to miss out. Furthermore, they will give you and those around you much gratification I am sure. 

You’ve got a tail feather…now shake it!