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Touch down…

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Yesterday, in true geek-chic fashion, I was in my element sampling the brand new HP TouchPad.  This handsome new piece of technology first blows me away with its appearance, in a stunning all-over black gloss. The panoramic screen runs seamlessly into the frame, resembling an infinity pool, as it boasts that same look of affluence and the impressive flowing edges. Although I am at first scared to touch this beaut of a specimen, due to  its gleaming exterior, the HP tablet is deceivingly sturdy for such a good-looking, sleek model.

The HP TouchPad, provides an unbeatably convenient computing experience, enabling you to integrate all email, browsing and social networking facilities. Also, the TouchPad can utilise the internet connection from smartphones, or standard Wi-Fi  to hook-up to the worldwide web and as if that isn’t enough to wow us, there is the brightness feature that automatically adjusts, according to the natural light available at the time  …  What more could one ask for?

The best feature of the HP TouchPad in my eyes, which sets it apart from the Apple iPad, is the unique operating system, whereby one can have multiple applications running at the same time, all of which are smartly organised like a virtual stack of cards, so when switching between different windows, you can simply flick the current one to the side to find the next one required. Furthermore, to completely close down an application, you simply flick the said card towards the top of the screen and hey presto it’s out of your way. The touch screen has just the right amount of sensitivity, meaning that brushing icons accidentally is rarely a problem, as you have to apply a little pressure to actually activate an app. In addition, this cool new piece further helps to prevent multi-tasking from being such a chore, as it organises all notifications in a tidy little row located in the right hand corner, which can be popped-up neatly as and when you require a glance, without any need to exit your current activity, or open a whole new screen…perfect for the busy blogger some may say. 

The HP TouchPad is available from £399 (16GB) and there is an extensive collection of up to 4000 applications to download for the unique tablet so far, including many all time favourites, such as Angry Birds and more. Similar to when I see a dapper gentleman dressed up in a good suit, this sexy, new technological piece will do it for you everytime…



New contender…

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This September we are expecting the launch of a new online fashion publication  Threadbare Magazine, which is already being twittered about excitedly and rightly so. Born from graduates of London college of Fashion, this publication aims to be set aside from the rest with an engaging, informative, diverse and intelligent approach to the latest fashion news. At this moment in time with so many successful fashion publications, of both the on and offline variety already established on this generation’s news stand, they are being brave to expect they can stand out from the crowd, but this is totally admirable and I will be looking forward to seeing what they have got to offer. There is always room for another opinion and from what I hear Threadbare promises to be a fresh addition to the market… Watch this space…

Hella good, so let’s just keep on dancing…

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No Doubt are due to make a comeback and in a big way… hurrahhhh!  The delectable group whom I have missed for a good ten years now, have come together again, with a new album due for completion over the next couple of months. Known best for their unique ska-pop sounds,  the new LP is said to sample some cool reggae influences freshening up the bands material for this exciting reunion… One can hardly contain oneself… keep your eyes and ears peeled, I think we’re in for a treat. Stefani said in Rolling Stone that she wishes for the new record to be addictive…we’re ready…

Crush of the month…

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Elle , one of my all time top publications, was particularly stunning this July, as not only did it have ultimate beaut Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as it’s cover girl, but the fashion shoots inside were utterly fabulous. My personal favourite was the work of photographer Lee Broomfield, who captured a totally gorgeous representation of this autumn’s splash of eccentricity, which we are eagerly awaiting.

There isn’t anything about this ensemble that I don’t love. The model’s hair is styled exactly like the dream bonnet in my little mind…very much enjoying the dark roots with caramel highlights and the long, lucious bed-head effect for that unbeatable, underdone touch. The sunglasses are wonderful and daring, proposing the excitement that autumn trends will hold. With these and the hypnotic floral print trousers, it gives us brilliant brainwaves for ideal transitional ensembles, to carry us smoothly from the end of the summer,  into autumn. The tan jacket and nail polish compliment the hair tones well and also help to move this look along into next season.  Tan is such a positive outfit component, when jazzed up in just the right way.  Cousins of the floral Cavalli pant shown above, are of course already filtering down into the highstreet full-throtle, often in legging form. Topshop as per usual hit the nail on the head and stock some amazing prints that could help you achieve this image, with it’s adorable sixties undertones. To experiment, try aztec print trousers, close relation of the tube bodycon dress, which I featured  in a slightly earlier post, or alternatively go for classic animal print… firm favourite of mine and always a winner, however don’t forget the plain block colour piece in the middle to break it all up and avoid overwhelming onlookers. Not forgetting also that  it will be well worth checking out charity and vintage shops, for crazy eyewear and fitted patterned pants. Let’s see what we can find…  Ahhh I’m in love!

The day the tiger came to tea…

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This is especially  for all you fellow Starbucks addicts out there like me, who have formed a rather unhealthy habit with the pricey yet constantly tempting coffee chain. One month this year, my bank statement read like an A to Z  directory of places to locate Starbucks in the south of England. No word of a lie, almost every other outgoing transaction was funding an expensive and totally unnecessary caffinated treat, not only destroying my wages, but also forming a tiny indulgent addiction, where I believed nothing but a commercial coffee would help me function.  Recently when I was interning at a PR office in London, a woman on the same desk as me swore by herbal tea  and I have been inspired ever since to find out what all the hype was about. Herbal tea is not a particularly new concept in the slightest, however I had always snubbed the idea of a hot herby drink, favouring the more sugary and deceivingly energy boosting (for one hour at the most) mocha frappacinos and syrup laden lattes . Having begun sampling herbal teas, I now realise they are one of the best tipples ever and revitalise you for a whole day. A box of twenty herbal tea bags costs the same amount as one coffee from Starbucks and each tasty flavour flaunts a health benefit, which in turn steadily improves well-being. Two of my favourite flavours so far are both from the Twinings collection, Pure Peppermint and Calm ( camomile, rooibos, lavender and cocoa beans).

The Pure Peppermint is refreshing and helps settle your digestive system, very important for people like myself, who are always on the go. I have often been known to have one before a night out, as grandma-esque as that might sound, but it really does banish the bloat in quick preparation for tight dresses and what not, an absolute life-saver that is very accessible and very cheap, but does a world of good. The Calm flavour is pretty self-explanatory and eliminates stress, even when you are feeling most under pressure. Lets face it, being rid of stress and anxiety is never a bad thing and the calming elements in this drink, such as camomile really put you at ease very rapidly,  helping you to face daily challenges with a lot more control. A stress free face is also a beautiful one.

These days not only am I saving a fair amount money wise, I am also feeling great. That is not to say that a Starbucks every now and then is totally out of the question, but now we just have a much more balanced and rewarding relationship!  So whose for tea?

Aztec strikes again…

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I realise I am beginning to refer to aztec prints quite often now throughout my blog, however I do deem it to be one of the best and most understated trends of the moment. Aztec prints tend to give a laid back hippy vibe to an ensemble, whilst also being eye-catching and verging on the wild side, keeping the look fresh and unique for everybody.  Aztec can be used in a range of ways and instantly brightens up a mood. The latest print I have added to my wardrobe straight off of the highstreet, is this fabulous slinky number from Topshop. This dress is figure hugging in all the right places and boasts such a fun colour print that is also somewhat demure in its make up. The piece  is easily adaptable, depending on whether it is to be worn during the day, or for the evening. During the day I tone it down with sandals and maybe black leggings if I feel like covering up a tad, however in the evening this beaut goes perfectly with a pair of neutral wedges and glamourous bed hair.  Love, love, love it. This is going to be one of those things I will be tempted to wear twenty four seven…

Wilma and Betty eat your hearts out…

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My favourite hair of the moment is what I like to call ‘Cave Girl Hair’. Dare to walk on the wild side with me and sample shell-shockingly, bouncy waves and just as I have found, I’m sure it will become the love of a lifetime.

Cave girl inspired hair is sexy and glamorous, with it’s suggestive just rolled around in a bed effect. The most amazing factor of this hair style being, that it really is as effortless as rolling around in a bed! As if this didn’t capture our hearts enough, when this style gets rained on, or windswept it can actually work in our favour and this look often reaches its full potential when a day old… I’m sure this is the type of beauty maintenance that we could all get on board with…HURRAH! hair that finally makes sense to the tom-boy girls amongst us and surprisingly to the glamazons amongst us too…what an harmonious feeling indeed. 

Anyway, to nail this raw glamour with your tresses, first off I allow my hair to dry almost completely naturally, then I blast it with my hair dryer for a final five minutes, to add a burst of volume to the tousled locks. Make certain to not brush the hair straight whilst drying it, but do flip the head upside down and rapidly tease at the roots to achieve a rough, shaggy blow-dry. Next, clip your hair up and tong section, by small section, using either a large barrel curler or straightening irons, whichever you find easiest to manage, styling it into loose and imperfect, bountiful waves. When this step is finished scrunch the hair with a light texturizer (my favourite being ‘ Hard To Get’ from Bed Head by Tigi, as it controls frizz and firmly holds messy, sexy curls without making the hair appear greasy or over-styled, plus it is easy to apply and you only need a pinch, so it lasts…bonus!). To complete I lightly back comb the roots of my hair, focusing mostly on the crown so the waves are gently forced to fall forward around my face (to make this even more dramatic clip a few strands back with kirbys). Alternatively, depending on my mood, I back comb my roots at the hair line, so that my hair stays brushed back wards, for a different type of volume that is more daring.

 If you feel your curls have turned out too perfect, simply brush the hair extremely softly, from the tips upwards, to slightly seperate  and mess up the ringlets. If you do want the style to last longer than a day and you feel it is loosing life, twist it up into a tight bun on the top of your head for an hour or so, or even whilst you sleep and voila, there you have it… locks that are full of attitude and all woman. Hair that Beyonce and Shakira would be proud of. 

The messier this style is the better, keeping accompanying outfit and accessories to a minimum and your makeup light and fresh, with the focus on natural appearing blush, high on the cheek bones, for a really healthy and organic appearance. Godess-like if you will (teehee). Keep the whole ensemble clutter free to let the hair do all the talking.

I search for the beat in this dirty town…

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If you have never been to Milgi in Cardiff, I dare say it is about time you did take a visit. Milgi is an amazing magical spot that once you enter, you won’t want to leave.





It functions as a cafe, lounge, bar, music venue and art gallery and just to add the sweet, sweet glacier cherry on top of this fantastic cake, it also regularly hosts vintage fashion fairs, which would lead to many of you  being in your element I am sure and also to many of you being a tad wary, as I once was…let me make up your mind for you… I recently picked up a cute leopard print number on my last trip to Milgi, which proved to be a lot more exciting than my usual trawl around town . In addition to this, with it being second-hand it meant I had made a beautiful purchase, without breaking the piggy bank. To hunt down the most exciting and original pieces that you can truly make your own, second-hand can really be the way forward, as a dear fellow friend and fashion-blogger has been trying to persuade me for quite some time.  The talent that must be rapidly obtained when shopping second-hand is knowing how to NOT end up looking like you just rummaged through the ottoman in your gran’s loft. The fabulous leopord print top that I came away with captures my walk on the wild side fashion attitude perfectly, but could have had the fatal potential to strike as slightly Pat Butcher-esque if worn the wrong way. However, teamed with leggings, killer heels and a cool blazer for a night out, or dressed down with an over-sized chunky knit cardigan and some pretty ballet pumps, this cute top becomes very current and much less albert square. The best bit is that it will be very rare that I will bump into someone in the same thing. How often is it that you can say that about a patterned piece that is on sale on the high-street?



It is all about having confidence and getting the right balance when donning old time attire.That said, I urge you all to… DARE TO GO VINTAGE.

Eastern promise…

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Kimomo inspired pieces are wholeheartedly gracing the runways and the high street with their spectacular presence right now.The glamourous geisha look can be easily over-done and  thus made to look somewhat mimicky. However, there are many ways at this moment in time to achieve that oriental charm with one-off pieces that when teamed with plain outfit counterparts can really boost your ensemble status. Eastern influence is really fun to work with and when done in the right way can be extremely flattering. Oriental style make- up works wonders, with small eyeliner flicks, long lashes and light, rosey lip and cheek tints, to acquire effortless radiance.

A favourite eastern influenced statement piece of mine is the embellished wide-sleeved shrug I purchased from Topshop, after having my eye on it for many weeks. It instantly glams up any plain black outfit and somehow encourages the rest of the look to fall into place.


As I think this is coming to the end of the line now, why not try one of the more bold kimono jackets, from Topshop again, including this one, which would instantly add a deliciously dark and alluring factor to your outfit…

(all image rights belong to Topshop)

The paisley and floral prints involved in the oriental theme makes the look feminine and flirty, but the delicate silk and mesh materials used to display them keep it sophisticated. It is a must to allow your wardrobe to take you on an eastern adventure this season and whilst some of the high-street and designer threads are a bit pricey, don’t overlook your older female relative’s closets or charity shops and vintage markets, which often boast some delightful eastern-influenced attire.

Clash course….

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(All rights belong to Diane Von Furstenberg)

Join me on a trip to ancient Mexico and pay tribute to the Aztec culture, along with the rest of the fashion world.  This is a trend that is not for the faint-hearted, as was gallantly proven  at the Diane Von Furstenberg show, during New York Fashion Week, last month.



(All rights belong to DVF)

Aztec influenced collections hit runways this february with great speed, flaunting dangerously angular graphics and daring clashing of colours that bring to light a whole new range of possibilities for channeling cool, cultural attire. An amazing thing about this trend being that you only need to sport one piece of clothing that follows the Aztec vibe and instantly your look is transformed in a uniquely expressive, albeit  laid-back way that will turn heads and be admired. The Aztec trend is fun, brave and totally refreshing and although it has been attempted before, it has never been accomplished in such a creative and dedicated way, as it has this season. The inclusion of hypnotic Aztec prints in your ensembles this spring, will give your appearance the unconvential edge you have been yearning for, to truly shake up your look and make things exciting again. Why not go the whole hog and wear two contrasting prints together, to achieve that unbeatable synergy of offbeat, yet preciously exquisite and opulent style?  A few of my favourite high-street pieces this month that comprise all of the above qualities, include a gorgreous Aztec inspired mini skirt from one of my personal favourites; All Saints, available in two sophisticated and eye-catching colour schemes that would be beautifully offset if partnered with a tucked in, silk black cami and sky-high metallic heels …




(All image rights belong to All Saitnts Spitalfields)

For a more casual approach I am loving Topshop’s cute Aztec vest, which would team up perfectly with light skinny jeans and grecian sandals,when the weather is a little bit more reliable, or for now some leather ankle pixie boots. Not to mention that there is a potential opportunity screaming out here, to incorporate a neutral colour, aztec print handbag, to clash in a way that only rock and roll spirited girls can…





(All image rights belong to Topshop.)

With the revival of this fresh look that our wardrobes have been thirsting for all winter, we have much to thank South American history for...undalay undalay!!